The video shoot day for this year’s “Reflections – 40 Years of Dance” recital is set for Saturday, August 1st. Each class piece, soloist, duo, trio or competition group will be assigned a scheduled time to perform in the next weeks. Making up such a schedule is not an easy task, so we ask for everyone’s respect for the job at hand.

Bringing any dance performance to a Great finish takes a lot of planning, coordination and work; and bringing a Virtual dance performance to a Great finish takes even more, especially this year when we have the added hurdle in dealing with health and safety protocols that require us to bring our show together in ways we’ve never had to consider before. This means a lot of patience on everybody’s part. For instance, figuring out how we are going to do costume changes and staying within our mandated protocols; and to do so as quickly as possible.

For a successful shoot, we need to make the shoot day to move like clockwork, so we ask that if you or your dancer is participating in this year’s virtual recital that you do not schedule any other activities for this day. We always anticipating running on time however we are working with your children/teens and unforeseen things can come up while filming causing a snag in our scheduling. Please don’t jeopardize your student’s ability to perform in this 40th year performance by over booking your or your dancer’s time on this day.

On the video shoot day, you or your dancers should arrive 15 minutes prior to the shoot time, in costume, make-up and appropriate hair and shoes; ready to dance. Dancers will be called into Studio A (the one with the wood floor) for their performance. Parents, siblings, friends, etc will not be allowed in the dance rooms or the lobbies at any time. The dancers will perform their number and immediately exit the studio at the back door to Lobby A to waiting parents or guardians. If dancers are participating in only one number, then they and their family are free to leave.  During the shoot, doors to Studio A will remain open a well as air conditioning will be running to promote good air flow, however, the front and back doors will be draped (free flowing) to mitigate outside light.  All dancers entering Studio A will be subject to a temperature check each time they enter.  Any dancer with a temperature of 100.4 degrees (F) will not be allowed on the premises.  Dancers are required to wear face coverings and social distance while waiting for their shoot time but will be allowed to remove their face covering after entering Studio A for their performance.  After the performance, all dancers are required to wear a face covering to exit the back door of Studio A.

For dancers that need to make a costume change and wish to do so at the studio; dancers may enter the front door only to Studio B to our changing area. All changing areas are first come, first served. All dancers are subject to a temperature check each time entering; no other individuals will be allowed in Studio B or any of the lobbies at any time. Dancers are responsible for cleaning up their changing area, including all trash, clothing, hair accessories, tights, costumes. Any items left in the changing room after changing will be thrown away immediately, per protocol. Dancers will leave the changing area (Studio B) through the front door and enter Studio A for performance through the front door of Studio A.  No-one will be permitted to ‘hang out’ in the lobby areas of the studio.

Awnings will be provided at the front of Studio A & B for dancers/parents convenience while waiting for shoot time however, it is highly recommended that dancers and their parents wait in their personal vehicles until your dancer’s shoot time is announced.  ‘On Deck’ times will be announced by class 15 minutes prior to the shoot time by a white board with the class name, day/time and video shoot time to allow dancers to begin to make their way toward Studio A for their performance.

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