To Our Family and Friends of North County DanceArts,

Wow! What a year! There is a quote that says ‘Life is Only a Reflection of What We Allow Ourselves to See.’ So appropriate for this dance year, especially considering the COVID pandemic. While there were and continue to be obstacles and challenges in this dance year, we always have the choice of viewing the World as something still Beautiful, Loving, and Compassionate. That is the premise that North County DanceArts was conceived and operated under for these past 40 years.

The COVID pandemic forced businesses to close and asked us all to protect ourselves and each other by returning home to shelter in place. Never have any of us experienced anything like this. And it was not only our city, our county, our country; it was the entire world. So we did as so many dance studios, schools and businesses did; we supplied online classes for our dancers so that they could keep up their dance skills as best you can while working remotely.
We for one, were so excited after three months of closure and sheltering at home, we were given the ‘green light’ to re-open and try to get back to the dance floor and back to some kind of normal. But even with that said, many made the choice to continue to shelter at home for the health and safety of their families; something that Tanya and I can respect and understand.

The dancers you will see in these three virtual recital presentations are only a handful of NCDA students that returned to the dance floor when we were given the go-ahead and they have been dedicated to bringing this dance year to a ‘proper’ end with a year-end recital. Tanya and I have been dedicated to helping them to do that. Though the number of dancers on the stage in these presentations are few, they are representative of All our NCDA dancers and We are So Proud of All of them; those present and those that continue to shelter at home.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has brought about changes no-one could have predicted for many, including Tanya and I and North County DanceArts. So, it is with heavy heart, and lots of prayerful thought that after 40 years of dance and being the oldest Dance studio in San Diego, North County DanceArts closed its doors for good on Sunday, August 2nd.

Tanya and I have enjoyed instructing our children, teens, and adults for all these years. Who can say they went to work for forty years and there was never a bad day. Tanya and I even had the Blessing of instructing our own grandchildren, Presley, and Dylan until they moved to Franklin Tennessee this year.
We want to thank our Talented and Amazing teaching staff throughout the years. We have been blessed to have only the Best. We especially like to thank those of our staff who stayed with us throughout the shelter at home; coming in each week to record their classes so that their students would be able to continue to perfect their dance technique.

Thank you to all of our Desk Girls and Guys

They all have helped to create and support a Wonderful family studio. It was the camaraderie of our adult women and our teen girls and guys for their genuine Love and Respect for each other that created life long friendships.

Competition Kids

To all our Competition kids throughout the years; you were and are Awesome. You made North County DanceArts always look Incredible and You All have always made Tanya, me, and NCDA look Good. I want to also tell our 2019-2020 Competition dancers that I am So Sorry that this year did not provide you with the opportunity to compete with the dance numbers you all worked so hard on. Tanya and I think So highly of you all for your dedication and your flexibility that current situations that have forced on you. That is the Heart of a True Leader and we consider You All leaders.
Thank you to our wonderful adult men and women dancers in the mornings. We Love, Love, Love you All. Thank you for the heartfelt Goodbye last week. What a fantastic way to start my day and end the forty years.

We’re Blessed

There are so many things to say, but most of all Tanya and I want you to know how blessed we are to have known each and every one of you throughout these 40 years.

Lastly, when we realized that the only way we were going to be able to present a year-end recital was to videotape in the studio, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into and the costs involved in putting on a presentation that our dancers and their families would be proud of. Oh My! So, with that, I would like to thank NCDA student Beth Ritchie along with NCDA Desk Girl, Melinda Redding and Carmel Valley Jazzercise’s Sharon Ticho for putting together the “Go Fund Me” page to raise funds for the video shoot and other costs in preparing for a year-end recital, and for convincing Tanya and I that we should let others help in this endeavor. We would like to thank Everyone who contributed to this fund because without it, I do not know how we would have been able to pull this off. We can never truly show our heartfelt appreciation for your show of support by your financial gifs to NCDA and our Dancers sufficiently. Just know that we Love that about All of You.

What is next?

I am going to work for my son Matthew selling solar. Tanya, the most organized and amazing woman I know (able to run three businesses at the same time) will not have any problem finding work because of who she is.

To All of Our Dancers, please continue to dance always and never live your Life in Fear; especially during this pandemic. A wise man once said “Fear does not stop Death; Fear stops Life.

We hope that you will enjoy watching the dancers that have worked So hard in bringing these shows to you reflecting 40 Years of Dance at North County DanceArts. Thank you again for Loving Us and our NCDA Instructors So well and for the Great Ride… and Always Remember, WE LOVE YOU, BABY!