Last Updated: April 5, 2020

Our first concern is for the Health and Welfare of our NCDA staff, students and their families. Because of this and information that was shared with us by one of our NCDA students via her personal relationship with one of the world’s most prominent epidemiologists, Dr. Annie Rimion, the North County DanceArts’ studio closed on Sunday, March 15, 2020, just prior to ‘secure at home’ order was given late on March 16th. We had hoped for a re-opening on Sunday, April 6, 2020, but at this time, it does not look like that will happen per State of California, Governor Newsome’s office and the CDC.

No staff, instructors, or students will be permitted at the NCDA studio during the time of closure; we will be conducting full and complete sanitation of the entire premises. We will be offering all our student population online classes through our NCDA Student Private Portal so that they can continue their dance instruction as well as offering links to FREE NCDA teen and adult classes and classes provided by our partner, My Online Dance Teacher.

We and our staff as dancers/choreographers/instructors are in the position that teaching and performing is the only way we make our living; and I know I speak for Tanya and myself as well as all of our NCDA instructors when I say “we Love our jobs”. We are appreciative of those NCDA dancers and their families that have continued to support North County DanceArts with their tuition payments through April. As we navigate these uncertain waters going toward May and beyond, we are taking all the necessary measures and exploring all avenues to ensure that North County DanceArts will survive long past our current situation. That means that adjustments in all areas of the operation of the dance studio will have to be made and ask that you continue to support us through this unexpected but necessary closure.

As of now, Tanya and my thoughts are to return to our regular class schedule when able and adjusting some of our regular studio closures so as to ‘make up’ the time off as well as reschedule the recital performance and year-end date so that our dancers can get back to dancing without interruption.

It is important that we all as a community adhere to the social distancing that we are participating in with the closure of the dance studio. With cooperation, we all can flatten the curve of growth and spread of the virus so that perhaps we only experience a short time of inconvenience rather than months of not only an inconvenience but contain the virus completely so that there will be no others lost to this crisis. As one of our NCDA students and physician remarked, “the virus cannot continue if it does not have a host”. Let’s all work to remove the “host”.

If you have any questions regarding the closure, feel free to write here or you may call my cell at 858-245-1908. We feel that it is important that we maintain total transparency as to what is happening in the studio and with your contribution of tuition and gifts. We will be happy to discuss the measures, we are taking at this time on a one on one basis. Tanya and I and our staff and instructors wish you and your family’s Health, Happiness and Peace.

Best Wishes,