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Tara Aftahi

Tara Aftahi earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of California, Irvine (UCI) with a major in Dance in 2017. Tara has been dancing since the young age of three. Her education in dance began when she enrolled at North County Dance Arts (NCDA), almost twenty years ago, where she began her training under Louis and Tanya McKay, and the rest of the faculty at NCDA. From the time she began dancing at NCDA, Tara has never stopped working to master a variety of dance including, but not limited to, Jazz, Ballet, Modern, Tap, Contemporary, and Hip-hop. Throughout her fifteen years of training at NCDA, Tara participated in numerous competitions, both as a solo dancer and as a member of the NCDA competition team, where she earned a variety of titles.

Tara continued her dancing career throughout high school, where, beginning freshman year, she was part of the Torrey Pines High School (TPHS) Varsity dance team. During this period, Tara served as the TPHS Varsity dance team captain during her sophomore, junior, and senior year. In addition to the competitions Tara was attending with NCDA, she was also competing for TPHS, as well as other dance institutions. Tara had the opportunity to dance under the instruction of Tara Hall while performing for the dance company, Unity Dance Ensemble.

Upon graduating from TPHS, Tara continued her education in dance at UCI, where she studied under choreographers such as Diane Diefenderfer, Molly Lynch, Loretta Livingston, and Sheron Wray, to name a few. Throughout her time at UCI, she participated in numerous dance concerts, taking advantage of any performance opportunity possible. Additionally, Tara began her study of the art of Pilates while attending UCI, and plans to become certified as a Pilates instructor. During her years at UCI, Tara auditioned for numerous Professional Sports dance teams, and was a finalist for both the Los Angeles Laker Girls and the San Diego Chargers Girls.

Presently, Tara’s newest passion is to share her knowledge of dance through teaching. She loves working her students and emphasizes her teaching in technique and performance.