Joshua Burks

With over 10 years of dance instruction under his belt, Josh has been properly educating, training, and inspiring young artists of today. Josh is a graduate of California State University, Los Angeles and has trained under Angie Bunch at Culture Shock San Diego, and Grace Jun at bkSOUL Dance Company. Josh has been teaching Hip-Hop Yoga to over a thousand students, children & adults, nationwide and internationally. Josh is a pioneer with Hip-Hop Yoga or what he calls “movement meditation” which is a ritual-infused yoga class created for the sole purpose of finding your inner strength, eliminating mental frustrations and social anxieties to create a peaceful mind and body. He understands the power of meditation and is aware of the connection between dance & spirit, in which he hopes to spread the knowledge and spirit of the dance to uplift one another and play his part in raising the vibrations of the universe.