Louis McKay

Louis McKay was on the stage from the time he was a small boy beginning with such organizations as the San Diego Opera Company, The Bright Side, and Starlight Theaters. That training took him to Los Angeles where he was privileged to train and dance [...]

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Tanya McKay

Since the age of eight years old, Tanya McKay has been captured by the spirit of dance and for over thirty-one years has trained, rehearsed, and performed. Although her dance training began with classical ballet, and continued with such institutions [...]

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Casey Chapel

Casey grew up in St. Louis, Missouri where she competed as a high level gymnast. Her passion and drive for all things gymnastics, dance and performing arts lead her to earn her B.A. from Arizona State University in Exercise Science and Kinesiology. W [...]

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Adam Bloodgood

Originally from Seattle, Adam Bloodgood is a graduate of Pacific Northwest Ballet School where he trained for 12 years under the direction of Francia Russell, succeeded by Peter Boal. Adam has performed as a principal guest artist in every major regi [...]

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Arwen Daniels

Arwen started dancing when she was 10 years old, at North County Dance Arts with Louis Mckay, and immediately fell in love with dance. Arwen graduated from UC Irvine in 2004 with a BA in dance and an excellence in choreography award. After living in [...]

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Keyana Reed

Keyana Reed started dancing at the age of 5, immersed in her local home studios and freestyle community. At the age of 17, she started her high school’s first-ever hip-hop dance team and it was then, after directing and choreographing an entire showc [...]

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Rachel Walsh

Rachel Walsh has trained extensively in jazz, musical theatre, contemporary, ballet and lyrical. She was a student of Erin Babbs, owner of Murrieta Dance Project, for many years before becoming an instructor there. She has been a part of many award-w [...]

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Caitlyn Gallison

Caitlyn Gallison is a San Diego native who grew up training at San Elijo Dance Academy, Evolution Dance Center and City Ballet School. She spent her summers studying at The School of American Ballet, Houston Ballet and Central Pennsylvania Ballet. Ca [...]

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Kim Seiber

Kim Seiber grew up dancing in California’s Central Valley where she studied jazz, tap, ballet, pointe, hip-hop, choreography, and stage direction. At the young age of 15, Kim was already instructing her first beginning jazz and pre-dance classes at T [...]

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