Download the General Studio Policies

North County DanceArts, Inc. is dedicated to the care and nurturing of the dedicated dance student.

General Policy Statements

  • All students must sign in before taking class.
  • Students are expected to arrive on time to class and ready to dance. In respect to other students and to avoid disruption of the class, students arriving more than ten minutes late may be refused admittance to the class.
  • In the case of only a single student in attendance of a regularly scheduled class; the instructor may choose to instruct a 30-minute private lesson in lieu of the regularly scheduled length of class (designed for more than one student).
  • NCDA adheres to a NO CELL PHONE Policy. Students attending class MUST turn off and put away all cell phones and electronic devices while participating in class. This includes all rest/water breaks. Students that are tardy to class or leave class to use a cell phone or other electronic device during class without the explicit consent of the Instructor will be removed from class immediately.
  • Participation in studio classes is at the sole discretion of North County DanceArts, Inc. North County DanceArts, Inc., its staff and instructors reserve the right to remove any individual from a dance class or the studio premises if that individual’s behavior is disruptive and and actions are not conducive the learning atmosphere of the studio.

Closed Classes

In order to maintain the highest level of dance instruction, it sometimes becomes necessary to limit the number of students per class or “close” the class. This means that any student not in current and consistent attendance in that class prior to the “closed” status may not be able to participate until space becomes available.

IMPORTANT: Students attending a “closed” class must be registered for that class and maintain monthly tuition payments for that class. If you wish to preserve your spot in that class, monthly tuition must continue to be paid – even if you do not attend.

Dance Requirements

  • Intermediate and Advanced Jazz students MUST be enrolled in one (1) NCDA one hour BALLET technique class per week and be in consistent attendance
  • Ballet students receiving instruction in pre-pointe or pointe MUST participate in two (2) hours of a NCDA ballet technique and one (1) hour of a NCDA pre-point or pointe classes per week. Attendance in a Pre-Pointe or Pointe class MUST be proceeded by one (1) hour of a NCDA technique class of the same level.
  • Advanced Jazz students MUST be enrolled in two (2) hours of NCDA Advanced Jazz technique and one (1) hour NCDA Advanced Turns & Leaps technique as well as pre-prescribed one (1) hour ballet technique class per week.
  • All Tap students, Tap level 2 and above, MUST be enrolled in one (1) hour of Jazz Turns & Leaps or one hour of Jazz technique per week (ballet requirements apply for dance levels 2 and above).
  • All Lyrical students MUST have one (1) year of  prior ballet training and continue to attend at least one (1) hour of ballet technique per week to remain in this dance style.
  • Contemporary students MUST have one (1) year prior jazz or ballet instruction prior to registration and must continue to attend one (1) NCDA Turns & Leaps, NCDA Jazz technique or NCDA ballet technique class of appropriate level per week.
  • Advancement is determined by the student’s instructor. He or she has specific criteria that need to be met prior to a student being promoted.

Studio Dress Code

  • No baggy sweatshirts or t-shirts after warm-up
  • Hair for all classes must be pulled away from the face and secured
  • Hair must be in a bun for ALL BALLET, JAZZ, and TURNS & LEAPS  classes.

Pre-Dance (Girls) attire

  • Pink Leotards
  • Pink Tights
  • Hair pulled away from face
  • Pink Ballet Shoes/Black Tap Shoes

Pre-Dance (Boys) attire

  • Black Dance Pants/Shorts
  • White shirt
  • Black Tap Shoes/Black Ballet Slippers
  • White socks

Girls/Women Ballet 1, 2, and 3 attire

  • Black Leotards
  • Pink Tights
  • Hair in neat Ballet Bun
  • Pink Ballet Shoes
  • Pointe shoes

Men & Boys Ballet & Jazz attire

  • Black Dance Pants/shorts/Tights
  • White Shirt
  • Dance Belt
  • Black Ballet Shoes

Jazz attire

  • Leotard/Tights, any color or print, capris, body fitting t-shirt – any style, jazz shoes/any style, hair in a neat ballet bun.

Tap attire – All

  • Any color or print, any style
  • Tap Shoes (Check with instructor prior to purchase for shoe and tap specifications)

Hip – Hop All

Comfortable clothing, sneakers (t-shirts with messages that are gang related, ethnically, religiously or racially derogative in nature are unacceptable for dance class. The acceptability of all logos, messages or slogans are at the sole discretion of NCDA directors, staff and/or instructors. Anyone wearing unacceptable forms of clothing will be asked to leave the studio premises immediately) Thank you for your cooperation. We feel this will enhance our dance program and give each dancer a sense of pride and organization to be the best dancer he/she can possibly be.

Acro – All Levels

Leotard/Tights, any color or print, capris, body fitting t-shirt – any style; hair pulled away from face; students are barefoot during class or may choose to wear gymnastic slippers


Class observation in the studio is permitted only on the last class of the month. During the month, feel free to watch the class from outside or from the lobby.


An annual recital will be given and all students are invited to participate. It is not mandatory and a minimal recital fee per participant is charged. All registered students participating in the annual recital must be current in annual tuition (last week of August through and including July) prior to ticket sales. Any student not current in tuition for the referenced dance year will not be able to participate in the recital, regardless of any costs incurred by student, including but not limited to, recital fees, costume fees, photographs etc


All media, in any form, of students of North County DanceArts, Inc. during class work or performance is the sole property of North County DanceArts, Inc. North County DanceArts, Inc. reserves the right to publish in any format and use for any purposes including but not limited to the name, affiliation, photographs, video footage and audio recordings of any student or performer for advertising and promotions.


Classes may be made up within thirty days of a missed class, but may not be applied to future tuition or transferred to another student. Missed classes may be made up in any dance class of any discipline – ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, pre-dance – as long as the student stays within his/her level.

Since North County DanceArts provides a monthly tuition plan in an effort to provide the student the opportunity to dance at a discounted cost, we do not guarantee that make-up classes in any one discipline will be available. It is the student’s responsibility to account for time away from dance such as leaves, vacations, work schedules, etc.


North County DanceArts will be closed on major holidays:

  • Spring Break, Easter, July 4th, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day.
  • We will also take Winter Break from late December through first week of January and a Summer Break in August.
  • All other closures will be posted well in advance.
  • Holiday schedule is subject to change. See NCDA’s “Important Dates to Remember” for more information.

Injuries and Medical Holds

North County DanceArts provides ‘freezing’ of accounts for students with injuries or illness that require an extended recovery. Any student sustaining an injury or illness that removes them from their regular schedule of classes for an extended period may opt to ‘freeze’ their account (for time periods more than 30 days – not to exceed 90 days). To freeze an account due to injury or illness, the student upon onset of injury or illness and first consultation with a physician must submit a physician’s excuse, that includes the full name of the attending physician, contact information, diagnosis of injury or illness, date of removal from all activities as well as a projected return date to all activities. A fee of $25.00 per month/per student will be assessed to freeze the account and the account must have a credit card set up on file for auto-payment.  Should the credit card on file be declined when billing for the freeze fee, the account reverts back to regular tuition monthly installments and the freeze is lifted.  NCDA will not ‘re-freeze’ an account due to non-payment of the freeze fee. Upon return to classes, students must submit a physician’s release, stating that the student can return to all activities without conditions. Submissions of physician’s excuses after the fact are not accepted. North County DanceArts reserves the right to determine if the excused injury falls into the ‘normal’ time frame of ‘more than 30 days recovery’ and the right to make a final determination of eligibility to ‘freeze’ any account based on historical references and the physician’s note.  North County DanceArts is under no obligation to refund or credit any tuition paid due to the student’s lack to comply with the North County DanceArts’ Injury Policy.

North County DanceArts is not responsible for injuries or for any child left before or after class. Please pick up your child promptly!

For other important Tuition policies please refer to North County DanceArts’ Pricing and Tuition Policies web page.