Class is designed for the serious jazz dancer in mind that wishes to increase flexibility, strength, stamina and concentrate specifically on technique as it relates to various jazz levels.  Instructor reserves the right to evaluate any student for class level readiness . Class is 1 hour in length. Dancers should be prepared for class in appropriate dance attire.  All turns and leaps levels 2 and above require the student to enroll in and attend one hour of ballet class per week.

Class Levels

  • Turns & Leaps (6-8)
  • Turns & Leaps 1 (Teen/Adult)
  • Turns & Leaps 1A (9-up)
  • Turns & Leaps 1AB (9-13)
  • Turns & Leaps 1B (9-up)

Advanced Levels

  • Turns & Leaps 2
  • Turns & Leaps 3
  • Turns & Leaps 4 (NCDA Level 4 to Professional