This is top level of the Pre-Dance classes. Students work to become more familiar with classroom behavior and discipline, are able to take simple direction, possess the attention span to listen to brief basic instruction, continuing efforts to perform exercises in unison and individually. Students will be taught warm-up and basic steps and terms of ballet, jazz and tap in an effort to prepare them for beginning level classes.

Class is limited to 24 students with 2 instructors. Pre-dance classes are designed for children from the age of 3 years to 7 years of age. Pre-dance classes are combination classes that teach basic dance positions, steps and exercises of the three dance disciplines: ballet, jazz and tap. North County DanceArts provides pre-dance classes that accommodate the readiness of the student to learn.

The very basic of the pre-dance classes begin with a minimal structure base with subsequent pre-dance classes of graduating advancement of classroom structure and discipline. The most advanced pre-dance level , kindercombo, is a structured and disciplined learning environment designed to take the young dancer into beginning levels with recognition of basic steps and terms. Basic steps, exercises and terms are taught in a loving, fun and playful way.

All students of ages 6 years to 8 years wishing to enter the North County DanceArts dance program at the beginning levels are highly encouraged to complete North County DanceArts’ pre-dance courses prior to enrollment. Placement and advancement of any student is at the sole discretion of North County DanceArts, Inc.


Students must be 5 years of age AND enrolled in Kindergarten.