Contemporary dance class designed for the Intermediate Dancer that employs systems and methods found in modern dance and postmodern dance, as well as classical ballet. The term “contemporary dance” is sometimes used to describe dance that is not classical jazz or traditional folk/cultural dance. The hallmark of contemporary dance is an awareness of the limitations of form. Sub-genres recently defined by dance critics include non-dance, conceptual dance and pedestrian contemporary.

Contemporary dance is a genre of concert dance that employs compositional philosophy, rather than choreography, to guide un-choreographed movement. It uses dance techniques and methods found in ballet, modern dance and postmodern dance, and it also draws from other philosophies of movement that are outside the realm of classical dance technique.

All Intermediate Dancers should have three to four years of classical ballet and jazz training and it is highly suggested that the student be continuous in instruction in at least one hour of ballet training per week and one hour of jazz/modern training per week.

Instructor reserves the right to evaluate any and all students for class level readiness. All dancers to wear appropriate dance attire.

Class Levels

  • Contemporary 1 (9-Up)
  • Contemporary 2
  • Contemporary 3
  • Contemporary 4