Acro / Dance

Acro Dance is any dance style that incorporates acrobatic movements or tricks. Numerous tricks are commonly performed in acro dances, varying widely in complexity and the skills required to perform them. Aside from the obvious requirement that dancers possess the requisite skills to perform tricks, the types of tricks that can be performed in an acro dance depends on the number of dancers. Acrobatic Movements covered: back walkover, cartwheel, chest stand, elbow stand, handspring, handstand, hand walking, nip-up, roundoff, side aerial and valdez.

Acro classes are designed for dancers level 1 and above for integration into dance choreography. For beginning levels, no prior acrobatic experience is necessary. For intermediate levels, students should have mastered the back walkover, cartwheel, chest stand, elbow stand, roundoff, and valdez.

Class Level Descriptions

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Acro 1 is specifically designed to introduce the dancer that precision acrobatic elements in order to combine with classical dance technique and choreography. The dancer will explore the basic fundamentals needed in tumbling, acrobatic lifts and movements. The tumbling portion will concentrate on proper technique with beginning tumbling moves (ie: handstands, cartwheels, round offs, back and front walkovers, extension rolls). Beginning lifts will also be introduced as well as exercises to increase flexibility and total body conditioning.

Acro 2 is specifically designed for the dancer who have mastered the beginning skills introduced and practiced in Acro I. The tumbling portion introduces more advanced moves (ie: back hand springs, side aerials, combination passes). Intermediate to advanced exercises to improve flexibility and total body conditioning is also included.

Acro 3 is specifically designed for the dancer who have mastered the intermediate/advanced skills introduced and practiced in Acro 2.

Designed for the dancer that has mastered Acro 3 and is ready to work intimately with a partner to build trust and strength. Includes partner stretching, prehab, hand grip techniques and poses, partner drills, and more.