Due to our closure from COVID-19, we have a few resources to share with our students.

NCDA Class Videos (Private)

We have a wide range of dance instruction videos available for viewing. This page is password protected for our students / customers only. You should have received an email with access instructions, but if not, please contact us.

Additional Resources

As we learn of additional resources, we will post them here.

NCDA Instructional Videos (Public)

My Online Dance Teacher


  • Website: https://www.myonlinedanceteacher.com/
  • Password: 5678

It is very important to warm-up properly and to dress in dance wear, just like you do at the studio. Never force, strain or push too hard in any exercise or lesson. Be sure you have enough room to perform your exercises to protect home floor surfaces. IMPORTANT: Please modify exercises and stretches as necessary and appropriate to each individual’s range of motion, age, and flexibility. Persons who are not used to dance splits or with limited flexibility SHOULD NOT practice the hyper split; the split may be modified by bending the back leg at a 90 degree angle while keeping the front leg straight.

Disclaimer: North County DanceArts, Inc, it’s Owners, Directors, Staff or Instructors are not liable for injuries or claims of negligence sustained from the voluntary participation in online instruction provided by North County DanceArts, Inc. Please check with your physician before beginning any exercise or dance program.