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Children / Teen Classes

North County DanceArts, Inc. is dedicated to the care and nurturing of the dedicated dance student. Tuition for classes at North County DanceArts, Inc is an annual (school year September through July) tuition contract that may be paid in full at time of student enrollment, September through December (for CASH or CHECK payments only – a twelve percent (12%) savings or full payment with your debit/credit card, a savings of seven percent (7%) and no worries of late fees) or may be paid on a monthly installment payment system by automatic withdrawals. Annual tuition is based on a tuition that is amortized over eleven months, each month averaging four weeks.

Monthly tuition installment payments are due on or before the 1st day of each calendar month. A late charge of $15.00 will be assessed after the 10th day of the month against the current tuition due and any previous outstanding balances. NORTH COUNTY DANCEARTS, INC. recognizes that some months will provide the student with five weeks of instruction for the month. These additional days afforded by the calendar year will not be charged as extra classes to the student and will be included in that month’s monthly tuition. However, NORTH COUNTY DANCEARTS, INC. DOES NOT PROVIDE MAKE-UP CLASSES FOR THOSE “EXTRA” CLASSES DUE TO STUDENT NON-ATTENDANCE.

Monthly installment payments by check may be mailed directly to NCDA at 12750 Carmel Country Road, Suite 103, San Diego, California 92130 or by automatic withdrawal. Cash, Check or Debit/Credit Card Payments are accepted in studio during office hours Monday – Saturday. Payments are considered delinquent on the 10th day of the calendar month at the end of the business office day (7:30 pm).

The NCDA annual tuition is a long-term payment policy. Students electing to pay in monthly installments must continue to pay monthly for the remainder of the dance year scheduled payments (September through July). North County DanceArts, Inc. does not invoice except in cases where account is delinquent. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, personal check, debit/credit card or students may elect to be placed on an automatic debit/credit card payment system thereby eliminate worry of late fees. For those students opting for the automatic payment plan, a fee of $20.00 per incident will be charged to student’s account for reasons such as insufficient funds or credit card charge revocation. In these cases, students MUST reconcile any outstanding balances, including any late charges, bank charges, etc. incurred by North County DanceArts, Inc. due to such incidents within a five (5) day period from time of incident reporting by financial institutions.

Tuition for all NEW students to NORTH COUNTY DANCEARTS, INC. will be prorated on an individual basis as necessary. Monthly tuition installments will not be prorated at any other time for any reason.

Annual Registration/Insurance fees are charged per student and are due upon initial enrollment and each year in January. Annual Registration/Insurance Fees are due in January for all students registered in classes prior to October 1st and all new students registering after January 1st.

Any student wishing to discontinue dance instruction during the year may do so by notifying North County DanceArts, Inc. in writing in the form of NCDA’s Notice to Terminate Form no less than 30 days prior to the 27th day of any calendar month and before the last quarter of the dance year, thereby releasing the student from further tuition obligations. Students shall be responsible for the balance of the annual tuition if giving 30-day Notice of Termination after April 3rd of any calendar year and thereby discontinuing services in the last quarter (May-July) of our dance year. For those students participating in the automatic debit/credit charge option, upon receipt of the Notice to Terminate form, all outstanding balances on accounts will be immediately charged to the student’s debit/credit card accounts. No exceptions will be made.

For those students electing to discontinue dance instruction and thereby electing early termination of the tuition contract prior to final payment (July) in any given dance year, it is assumed that the student will not be returning to NCDA for dance instruction. Any student returning to NCDA after termination of tuition contract in any prior dance year, will be obligated to ‘pay out’ prior contract terms before enrolling in any NCDA class.

Classes may be made up within 30 days of a missed class, but may not be applied to future tuition or transferred to another student. Missed classes may be made up in any dance class of any discipline if the student stays within his/her dance level (i.e.: ballet, jazz, tap and pre-dance). Since NORTH COUNTY DANCEARTS, INC. provides a monthly tuition payment plan to provide the student the opportunity to participate in many styles of dance at a discounted rate, we do not guarantee that make-up classes in any one discipline will be available. It is the student’s responsibility to account for time away from dance instruction such as leaves, vacation, work schedules, etc. Tuition is non-refundable, no exceptions.

NORTH COUNTY DANCEARTS, INC. will be closed on major holidays as outlined in our “Important Dates to Remember” Latest News Page. NORTH COUNTY DANCEARTS, INC. WILL NOT EXTEND TUITION CARDS OR MAKE UP CLASSES FOR CLOSURE AT THESE HOLIDAYS.

NORTH COUNTY DANCEARTS INC. provides ‘freezing’ of accounts for students with injuries or illness that require an extended recovery. Any student sustaining an injury that removes them from their regular schedule of classes for an extended period may opt to ‘freeze’ their account (for time periods more than 30 days – not to exceed 90 days). To freeze an account due to injury or illness, the student upon onset of injury or illness and first consultation with a physician must submit a physician’s excuse, that includes the full name of the attending physician, contact information, diagnosis of injury or illness, date of removal from all activities as well as a projected return date to all activities. A fee of $25.00 per month will be assessed per month/per student to freeze the account. Upon return to classes, students must submit a physician’s release, stating that the student can return to all activities without conditions. Submissions of physician’s excuses after the fact are not accepted. North County DanceArts is under no obligation to refund or credit any tuition paid due to the student’s lack to comply with the North County DanceArts’ Injury Policy.

Please contact the studio at 858-792-9303 or email to for Registration and Tuition Rates for both monthly installment basis or discounted annual tuition.

Adult Classes

Our weekday morning adult students may elect to pay “by the class” (only in open adult classes scheduled for Monday through Friday mornings with exception to classes that may “close”). Adult students that elect to pay “by the class” for these morning open classes may not attend any other classes on a “by the class” basis. NCDA also offers a monthly four (4) Class Card as well as a monthly Unlimited Class Card for Adult Mornings.

Please call the studio at 858-792-9303 or email to for current class and card rates.

The Adult Morning “Unlimited” bulk class cards are discounted bulk drop-in fees. All students wishing to take advantage of these discounted fee cards must be a registered (by payment of annual registration fee) student of NCDA and accept and agree to all NCDA regulations and policies as detailed in NCDA General Policies. These Unlimited bulk drop-in cards may be used for Adult Morning classes only as specifically called out on the NCDA dance schedule as (teen-adult) or (adult). The unlimited monthly bulk drop-in plans are based on a calendar month. There is no pro-rating of the unlimited bulk drop-in cards. The unlimited bulk drop-in cards do not provide for make-ups or compensation for studio holidays and closures. There are no extensions of the bulk drop-in cards for any reason. The Unlimited bulk drop-in cards are non-refundable and non-transferable.